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Of Wars and Fighting.

Of Wars and Fighting.

The concept of war is, at present time, outdated. Disputes between the subject kings are nowadays mostly resolved in the court of law. There are no large armies. Each Land does keep a Royal Guard consisting usually of a few hundred regular soldiers and a few dozen volot. This is enough to deal with any sort of trouble, which comes usually from a rogue volot who either decides to become a king and starts a rebellion, or decides to grow in power, renounces the Creator and starts going insane.

When famine or a natural disaster strikes the lands of the archvolot, the inhabitants of those lands sometimes venture into the Empire. If they are peaceful, they are taken in. In other times, usually when they have volot to lead them, they start robbing and pillaging the frontier lands. Then a Provincial Force of Royal Guards has to be gathered, and maybe a former archvolot and volot known for their fighting abilities brought in to help.