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Of Religion.

Of Religion.

In the land called Egypt there dwelt, a few centuries before Romulus and Remus, a tribe of people called ha-Ibiru. They were slaves among slaves, working for the powerful archvolot rulers of that land. But they were not inclined to worship the archvolot. They claimed something that has never been claimed before: that no one walking on the earth, not volot nor archvolot was worthy of worship, that only the supreme Creator of the world was to be revered as one and only God.

The ha-Ibiru openly defied the Archvolot of Egypt, and, surprisingly enough, forced them to admit defeat and let their tribe and everybody who wanted to join them leave the land. Then they entered a long and terrible war with the archvolot Dagon and Baal-Zebub, and their devoted volot-worshippers. Again, to everybody’s surprise, they won. Some said it was because the leaders of the ha-Ibiri were themselves powerful volot. The ha-Ibiri said it was because their God, infinitely more powerful than any archvolot, was with them.

Time passed, and the luck of the ha-Ibiru (or their God) did not always help them. They have been conquered and subjugated by archvolot after archvolot, but they never lost faith in the Creator.

For the Empire, which by that time has gone through several volot-related crises, the peculiar faith of the ha-Ibiru appeared a wonderful idea. The Warrior Consul of Rome, Gnaeus Pompey, in one of the very rare moments in history when Roman forces invaded another country, came to the assistance of the Judeans, as the descendants of the ha-Ibiru came to be called by then, and helped them to overthrow the rule of the archvolot once and for all.

Judea became a part of the Empire, and Pompey invited the learned men of Judea to leave their land, and come live among the peoples of the Empire, teaching them about the Creator, promising them great honors and gifts.

In about two centuries, several different forms of faith in the One God have spread throughout all the provinces of Rome.

It appears that a volot who has been baptized and consecrated to the Creator, becomes immune to worship. He gets no power from it, and loses no sanity because of it.