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Of the Empire.

It took the old Roman Empire over two thousand years of expansion and growth to became the stronghold of law and order it is today. Now we just call it the Empire.

Citizens of the Empire are free men, able to own private property. Nobody can be deprived of freedom, life or property except as a result of a trial by law. Institution of temporary slavery exists but is highly regulated and fairly rare.

The Empire is composed of several Provinces, most of which are in turn composed of many Lands. The largest Provinces are: in the West, Iberia, Britannia, Gaul, Rome, Alemany, Slavia and Gothia; in the east, Illyria, Greece, Hettia, Judea, Syria, Great Armenia and Persia; in the South, Egypt, Lybia, Nubia and Ethiopia, and in the North, Skandia, Vendia and Great Fennia.

The natural borders of the Empire are the Riphean Mountains and the Hyrcanian Ocean in the East, the great forest in the South, the Atlantic Ocean in the West, and the Frozen Waste in the North. Beyond these borders ends the rule of Man’s Law, and begins the rule of the volot.